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Welcome to DVS
Vocational Education in Sri Lanka was neglected for many years. Traditional forms of education which are academically oriented have been the focus of emphasis. It's only in the 70s when the enormity of the youth and unemployment problem came to light that educationists and the nation took cognisance of the vast potential there is for the development of Vocational Education in Sri Lanka and the need to meet the demands of young people who are anxious to educate themselves for careers which are remunerative and nationally productive.

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Our Vision
To lead the way in vocational education, and be renowned for excellence and innovation
Our Mission
To enhance opportunities for students to add value to themselves and thereby achieve their full potential
Objectives of DVS
To offer a good education as well as specific vocational training to enable students to gain personal fulfilment as well as embark on a career.
To enable students to translate the benefits derived from vocational training to make a significant contribution to society by selecting careers that will benefit society.
To provide an educational environment conducive to developing skills and competencies and building of character essential to the personal development of students and the development of society.
To up-grade and improve training facilities at the Department and thereby provide employers with skilled personnel to replace those who leave the island for jobs abroad, and to meet the skills requirements within the country.
To enable students to be self-employed or to gain employment by obtaining vocational and/or professional skills.
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